Start Keto

Start Keto is a project that I started in order to develop my SEO and digital marketing skills. Keto, for those who are unfamiliar, is a specific diet, commonly associated with weight loss, where carbohydrates are restricted, and fat intake is increased.

Having personal success with the diet/lifestyle, I tried my hand at producing content for the niche to help inspire and guide those looking to change their lives.

Keep in mind that this is still a new project (December 2014) and will be updated with future results.

Specific tasks I assigned myself for this project include:

  • Search Engine Optimization

    • On-page optimization (meta tags, URL structure, image optimization, schema markup)
    • Backlink and outreach (find relevant sites to implement links, interact with communities and develop awareness)
    • Monitor Google Analytics to track effectiveness of implemented changes
    • Monitor Google Webmaster Tools for search visibility, crawl errors. Upload robots.txt and sitemaps.
A quick site audit with Screaming Frog to check for any error response codes
Schema Markup
Manually entered schema markup to improve search visibility
  • Social Media

    • Manage social media presence
    • Reach out to influencers and individuals to establish awareness
    • Attract followers and drive engagement
Social Media Portfolio
Instagram became a great source of traffic once I began interacting with the community
  • Content Creation

    • Plan and write SEO-friendly articles
    • Perform keyword research (Keyword Planner, analyzing competitors)
    • Use Photoshop to optimize images for web (reducing server bandwidth and page load speed)
SEO Article Writing
A sample of an article I wrote for the site. I handle everything from keyword research to image curation for the posts.

Keyword Research
An example of part of the keyword research process. I run dozens of queries to find high traffic keywords with low competition.

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